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  Health Psychology & Chronic Medical Counseling    

Health Psychology focuses on:

        The mind body connection

        Health promotion and maintenance

        Prevention and treatment of illness

        Views health and illness as the resulting combination of factors such as: genetic predisposition, behavioral factors (lifestyle, stress, health beliefs), and social conditions (cultural and family influences and relationships, social support).

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Chronic Medical Counseling is Short-Term Therapy for Long-Term Illness.

Millions of Americans struggle to cope with long- term illness each day.  Those who suffer from diseases, as well as those who care for them, are often in need of emotional and psychological support.

   Interventions for health psychology and chronic medical counseling often include:

                                   stress management

                                   relaxation therapies

                                   psychoeducation about ways to cope with disease, illness, and health

                                   cognitive-behavioral therapy

                                   Frequently, interventions focus upon buffering the effect of stress on health by promoting enhanced coping or improved social support utilization.  

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