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                             Pamela Balentine, Ph.D.




Forensic Psychology: The practice of psychology related to the legal system. Some of the specific areas of work include:

  • Jury selection and case strategy
  • Expert opinion/testimony on questions of a psychological nature
  • Assessing receptiveness and response to treatment
  • Assessing level of dangerousness
  • Explaining the effects of psychological conditions and illness
  • Designing and conducting treatment programs for offenders and people at risk.
  • Preparing profiles of various types of offender (e.g., sexual offenders, arsonists, etc.)
  • Teach courses or provide professional development workshops on forensic topics
  • Providing crisis intervention and critical incident debriefing for police and other emergency personnel involved in crises.
  • Training local and federal officers in communication skills, conflict management, defusing anger, team building, enforcement strategies, and supervisory skills.
  • Research and gratis opinion offered to attorneys (re: latest research on a needed subject, suggesting ideas for gathering MH evidence, mitigation, etc.)

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