Gray Matters

                                   ...for when life is not black & white

                             Pamela Balentine, Ph.D.




Not feeling like yourself lately, looking for direction, or just need some relaxation techniques?

Perhaps, you donít feel like getting up for work anymore? Canít get anything done?

These are the common problems we face every day. In our ever changing world there is more to do and less time to do it. This causes most of us to constantly worry causing unnecessary stress. Most problems can be addressed by talking to someone and starting some simple relaxation techniques. Sometimes simply hearing yourself talk about something can give you an entirely different perspective on what is bothering you and provide a sudden feeling of relief. Additionally, some of the difficult issues we face in life are a normal part of development and it is helpful to see what you are going through is quite normal. Professional counseling offers the caring, expert assistance that we often need during these stressful times.

  Professional Counseling

Throughout our lives we encounter many challenges such as: conflicts in relationships, life transitions, emotional crises, educational, career decisions, physical illness, disability, and many more. Sometimes the challenges are exciting. Sometimes they are frightening. And sometimes we can benefit from help and support as we strive to master them.

Professional counseling offers you caring, expert assistance in addressing issues and improving your mental and physical well being.

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